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Moulin du Pirrou (46)With weekly, fortnightly or monthly services all year round, we ensure the maintenance of your home whilst unoccupied.

10 years ago,  we left the Parisian Region to create our own business in The Perigord Vert : we manage secondary properties of people living elsewhere, 95% abroad and 5% in France.

We have 2 main roles :

1 – The maintenance of the property whilst unoccupied

33We regularly clean, aerate the rooms, opening /closing shutters, we collect the mail, .

We receive packages and goods on your behalf,

We check all access.

We offer one-off visits in case of exceptional events such as sudden weather conditions (strong storms, floods) or technical failures (power cut, etc…).

23We help with form filling : taxes, official letters, insurance, business letters,

We deal with local administrations and make appointments with local services,

We collect estimates and coordonate entrepreneurs works,

We present you with a regular work update after onsite visits and send our photos and comments via emails.

2 – We prepare the house when you come back

8When you’re back here for holidays, you find a clean house, the beds are made,

Kitchen is ready and clean, water, electricity internet and phones work, freezer is full, we have reserved a table at a restaurant,

53In the winter : the heater is on, the house is warm,

The fire crackles and the woods are arranged next to the fireplace,

A glass of wine, a book,

54In the summer : the garden is clear and the grass mowed,

Your gardener or the one we have recommended has pruned during the winter,

Enjoy your garden in flowers,

17The pool is ready to be used,

The filter machinery is operational and the pool has been opened by the poolman.

The sunbeds are in place,

You just have to enjoy your stay.

Need more information ? Email – tel  + 33 (0) 662 048 658

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