Network of Entrepreneurs

$ùres2PERISERVICES coordonate networks of  local entrepreneurs

Let us to manage the maintenance, repairs and building in your house.

Make the most of your stay without having to deal with businesses, artisans.

Over 10 years, Periservices has selected reliable and recognized service providers.

All trades are concerned to manage a residence.


1 – Periservices plans with you the annual and regular works

  • Chimney sweeping (once a year for your house insurrance),
  • Annual gardening, pruning,
  • Sanitation,
  • Managing the pool, spa

2 – We act in risks

  • Storm – roofing
  • Rain – flood
  • Electricity – storm
  • Animal – fences damages, insect nests, harmful,

3 – Care of your projects

  • interior / exterior work,
  • Earthwork, paving, construction,
  • Paint, light fixtures and lighting, decoration,

24Periservices organizes appointments and collecting quotes for you transmit by email.

We work with experts and insurances in case of disaster,

process network

Legal informations

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