Your property as holiday home

Your Holiday Home rented as a gite


16Welcoming people

Personalised welcoming of French and English-speaking guests. We are available by phone  24/7 during their stay.

A welcome pack is prepared (following instructions of the renter)

Two sets of keys are assigned : 1 for Periservices for access to the property and 1 set for tenants.


26Technical management

We agree with the owner the planning of the other intervening regular persons (as gardener, poolman, etc…) and list other occasional ones (electrician, plumber, etc…).

The owner may use to have his own providers but we can introduce him entrepreneurs of our network.

Technical management could concern the weekly small works of the pool. Opening and wintering pools and main maintenance is made by a professionnal.

We use two sets of bed linnen, towels (bathrooms + pool). Periservices usually use the services of a laundry.


13Different formulas  of cleaning

1 – Before renting : cleaning the house to welcome new people the first time of the season.

2 – Between tenants : cleaning the house, changing beds, basic maintenance of pool,

3 – End of renting : similar work as “between tenants” but sheets and towels in cupboards

Option : While rented when tenants stay more than two weeks : cleaning each week bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and changing beds.

We use our own products.


24Administrative and business management

We collect data on energy consumption, forwarding relevant documents.

Between tenants, we report by email with pictures and comments to the owner on the day.

The owner is to manage guest deposits, which he will judge whether to return or not, based on our observations.


35A warm welcome and comfortable stay for guests

We can offer any other services your guests could hope : airport transfer, escorting to a tourist site, preparing meals at the gite, laying, clearing tables, washing up, housework, delivering shopping, organising private tuition at the gite, french cooking, …etc (subject to availability)

Quotes will be established directly for your guests, on their demand and settled by themselves. Each order is given particular attention and adapted to the owner’s situation.

The owner renting his property can therefore offer his tenants a whole range of services.


Guest arrivals and departures


Arrivals, departures and changeovers of tenants are usually made at any day in the week (from mondays to saturdays)

Sundays and holidays are possible under particular conditions.


A theoretical arrival time is agreed, whose details (mobile phone numbers) must be forwarded to us in case they need to be contacted or guided.

2 options :

1 / The keys are in a safekey,

2 / Periservices gives the keys at arrival.

In case of a delayed arrival, guests must let us know an approximate time of arrival and contact us again to

confirm when 50 km or an hour from arriving at + 33 (0) 662 048 658 or

Arrival :

We personally meet the guests the same day or the day after their arrival to check if everything is in order with them.

Departure :

The fixed time for departure is 10 am. Our staff comes some minutes before 10 am and the house has to be completely cleared.

We come the day of departure to check the house and report the same day by email to owners comments and pictures of the property (damages, eventual problems)


Legal informations and general conditions

Need more information ?

Email – Tél + 33 (0) 662 048 658

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